New tools 11 January 2010

The next blog post about web 2.0 tools will be 11 January 2010.

This gives you the opportunity to catch up, or have a break. Let us know, in the comments, any web 2.0 tools you would like to find out more about.

Ellen and Mylee


Wallerawang Branch Library said...

Hi Mylee & Ellen,

Have a Happy, Healthy & Safe Festive Season!

Diana (Wanglibrary)

swallow said...

Thanks for those wonderful learning and wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Lilly said...

I would be very happy to learn about any new 2.0 tools you have to offer. How about ebay? I would like to learn more about this tool if possible.

bloggersbeware said...

I love the new and exciting tools that these courses have introduced to me. I don't think I use my computer efficiently enough, but I am getting there.
It is great that I am aware of all of these tools and that if someone comes into the library, I wont be so ignorant and that I will know what they might be asking of me.