Getting organized : customised home pages and Google tools

I-google is a tool to bring all your Google applications together in one place, your Google docs, your rss feeds (if you are using Google reader), your gmail and so on.  You can also add in other widgets for news, weather and a range of other uses.  You can see an example here.  You can customise the header, as well as the layout.  

 Using i-Google can be a handy way for you to have your own private webpages bringing information of use to you together in one place.  You can have several pages - all using i-Google so that all the key sites you use are in one place in a way which looks a bit different to delicious.

Go to i-google.

Signing in with your existing gmail account (the same log in you use for your blog) will allow you to customise your i-Google page.  You can add themes, news, and useful widgets.  Does this help you organise your tools?

Other similar tools
Ping allows you to bring different social network tools together so that you can post to many sites from the one place.  There are other sites which can also help you manage your social networks.

43 marks is a homepage for many social networking tools.  All my favs works in a similar way.

Some blog points
Was i-google easy to customise?
Do you find it helpful?
You may want to share a sceenshot of your i-google page on your blog.
Did you try any of the other tools as well?  How did you find them?  Do you have any similar tools to share?


Superchicken 77 said...

iGoogle- once you delete the unwanted American widgets and put in your own ones it is quite useful. Am still working my way through the other ones!

Alex Lantana said...

Thank you! We are discussing the merits of Facebook v. Blog v. Twitter. Our problem was maintaining multiple sites but having say only a Facebook page. may deter people who don't want to be have a facebook account Looks like Ping maybe our solution.

PS Love i-Google

Wallerawang Branch Library said...

Hi Mylee & Ellen

Enjoyed the past week's learning on iGoogle and customising homepages.

Here is my screenshot on my blog.

<a href=""target="iGoogle</a>

Anonymous said...

I've been using iGoogle for quite some time and likek it. Before now I didn't know about 43 Marks or Ping. I was going to use them to explore, but just wonder how secure they are?