Delicious was one of the tools people were not sure about during the original course. Some really liked the convenience of having access to bookmarks from any computer, anywhere, while others did not see the need. To get even more out of Delicious, try the networking and search features, along with the widgets that make your Delicious account more visible to your readers.

Public Library Services has a delicious account which has links to all the website we send out on the e-mail lists. We are putting all the sites used during the course here as well and they are tagged with nswlearning2.1. We have included a tagroll in this blog post.

You can link your twitter and delicious accounts so that when you see a new bookmark you can choose to tweet about it. You don't have to tweet about every new bookmark you add (unless you really want to).

To link your delicious and twitter accounts sign in to your delicious account, and click on settings

Click on Sharing Share your bookmarks on Twitter

Fill in your Twitter password and username - note only tweet all bookmarks if you really want to tweet about everything you bookmark - otherwise leave it unchecked.  This will allow you to choose what you tweet about.

When you click save you will receive the following message "Success! Your credentials are now saved."

 The next time you save a bookmark you can choose to send it (by selecting Twitter) as a tweet and you can then add in some text.

This is what is looks like in delicious

and on twitter

Search Delicious
There are a variety of ways to search Delicious from your browser address bar.  In these examples substitute your keyword of choice for the generic 'keyword' used in these examples:

To view bookmarks tagged with a specific keyword, type in:

To view bookmarks tagged with two or more keywords, type in:

So for example, if you want to look for sites about rss and productivity, type in:

If you want to narrow the search even further, you can include four terms:

If you are looking for the most popular sites in any category, than simply type in:

So if you are trying to find the most popular sites related to RSS, you would type in:

In the search box, you have the choice of searching your bookmarks (or click on the tag in the sidebar), my bookmarks, or all of delicious. If you want to limit your search to specific tags, then use the prefix “tag:”. An example, “tag:rss”.

If your tag cloud looks like a huge, disorganized mess, bundle the tags into related categories for easy access. To organize your tags into bundles, click on the “Settings” link in the top right-hand corner. From this page, click on “bundle tags” under the tags heading and start creating your own bundles.

Find New Bookmarks
Navigate to (you will need to be logged in to your delicious account for this) where you can subscribe to various tags or specific users. This is an excellent way to discover new sites that you may enjoy. Click “subscribe” at the top of most pages to add any user or any tag to your inbox—you can even use combine tags. Anytime a new post arrives that meets your criteria, it appears in your inbox. Based on the preferences you submit, you will be find new items to check out.

In addition to all that, you can also share your latest bookmarks on your website/blog for all of your readers to enjoy. You do this using Linkrolls and Tagrolls. Linkrolls display your latest bookmarks while tagrolls display all of your tags in a tag cloud.

 Blog prompts
1. Which features of Delicious do you use most--beyond bookmarking?
2. Do you have recommendations or suggestions for using delicious?

Ellen and Mylee


swallow said...

Thanks for all those useful, very useful tips. I do some bookmarks from time to time on my delicious when I read some journals from various sources, but hardly done anything beyond that. I know you can do more than that. But sometimes I do feel too much time consuming. Am I the only one feel like that? We have so much info there but so little time to do it. I can only try every bit of this and others tools. I like to go to delicious to see what are the popular bookmarks. Often they are very interesting as well. I like the state library's site very much.

Marrickville Reads Blog Coordinator said...

Suggestion for the blog re Delicious pages
1. Make the initial link to the delicious site open in a new window please
2. It took me a while to work out how to locate my tag cloud - a little bit more guidance could help here
3. I couldnt open up any of the Search Delicious tags - I dont know whether they are wrong or whether my computer setup needs modifying

CatyJ said...

I quite enjoy using Delicious, I just don't use it very much is all. I like the idea though that once I've set up my network other people's tags can infiltrate my own delicious system - rather handy.
Thanks for the instructions attached to this week's activities - made it so much easier for navigating around and getting the job done.
CatyJ - a chivas regal moment

Superchicken 77 said...

We have set up a delicious account attached to our homework helpers, it was a "sneaky" way around the delays experienced in trying to have info uploaded to the web page. I think it is wonderful, staff just need to remember that it is there. Thanks for the other tips.

pls@slnsw said...

I am glad this week was useful for some.

The search links are not live links because you need to use your own terms in the search - it is a bit confusing. Apologies for this.

With the instructions we have to try for a balance, so we tend to go for shorter rather than longer instructions. You can always ring of e-mail for more detail and we will be very happy to help.


Martin said...

Some people might find more convenient to use if they installed a browser add-on or bookmarklet buttons.

If you do start using more consistently remember to occasionally backup your bookmarks in case disaster strikes and they fall over - there are no guarantees with the cloud!

pmr said...

I'm being a bit of a sheep with my comment and following the flock and more specifically "Swallow", but I'm a bit indifferent to delicious. I tend to use it to bookmark sites as i find the tagging convenient, but as far as tweeting about my bookmarks goes, if anyone in the world is interested in my bookmarks then they lead a fairly boring life.

twinsplusone76 said...

I have just completed the tagroll to link my delicious favourites to blog page. I was really stumped on this and am soooo excited to have finally worked it out.

pls@slnsw said...

great work twinsplusone76

bloggersbeware said...

once again, going through the motions to get this course done. I did have a look what was offered, but as I don't use my computer efficiently enough, this is just one more thing for me to think about and probably not use in the near future.

Wendy said...

I use delicois and think it's great but reading another someone said that they now use diigo instead. I had a quick look but didn't think much of it - just a spin off from delicious really.