Nings are online communities, they combine elements of blogs, wikis and forums.

Have look at the following nings.
Mosman readers
Museum 3.0
Bibliotheek 2.0
Library 2.0

 Blog prompts
1. What did you like about them?
2. Did you find them useful?

Nings are undergoing slots of changes.  Have a look at this site which showcases some alternatives to Nings.  Which one or ones do you like the most?
Join the library 2.0 ning  You will need to wait while your registration for the ning is approved by an administrator.  You will receive an e-mail when this occurs.

Edit your profile and add an image of yourself to it, and try out the tools.

Remember this is not a course specific ning, it is an ning for people who are discussing information about web 2.0 in libraries around the world.

Join at least two groups on the ning - New South Wales public libraries and at least one other
You might like to try some of the following
    * Leave comments for another member
    * Upload your photos or comment on others.
    * Check out the video others have added to the Ning. Add one of your own or add a comment
    * Start or contribute to a discussion forum
    * Check out the groups on the Ning and consider joining an appropriate one or start your own
    * Add the Ning badge to your blog
    * Add another of the Ning widgets to your blog
 and write about your experiences on your blog.


Kim said...

It would be good if someone could take the time to update this post, as it stands it's just a tad confusing with all the old information still legible.

pls@slnsw said...

This was a deliberate strategy as this ning was changing rapidly for a while, and it may or may not have been available at any time. I have now changed the text back as the ning seems to have stabilised.


bloggersbeware said...

I had a look at all the bits on this lesson. I kept thinking of the old poem of the children's "Ning-Nang-Nong song.

I found it interesting esp the question to how to introduce safety in a different format. I wished I had an answer, I would have answered it.

I joined Ning with reservations, as there seems to be some controversy with the cost of it. Time will tell.

Thanks for introducing me to all of the different forums and social networks available to the world. It certainly has broaden my thoughts on how people use the net.

Wendy said...

Nings seem like this - post a message and others can comment. It's just a fancy name for something that it's as fancy. I thought it was going to be something really technical.