Slideshows, Screencasting and digital story telling

Slideshows like Powerpoint and Keynote presentations have many uses including storytelling, presentations, training, sharing graphs or illustrated information.  Sharing them with an online audience allows people to use them at a convenient time and location without the need to receive large email files.

SlideShare is a presentation sharing website where individuals can upload, share and view presentation files, including PowerPoint, OpenOffice and Keynote presentations and PDF files.  The presentation can be shared (embedded) in a blog or website, it has a URL which can be shared as a link via email and if a transcript is attached it will be indexed by Internet search engines.

SlideShare is also useful for finding presentations and documents on almost any topic. You can search on the site.

Animated slideshows
Slideshare presentations can have sound files, but not animations.  If animations are critical to the effectiveness of your presentation you may need to try an alternative host like Authorstream which supports animation and sound.

There are other websites for sharing presentations, including some that allow you to create presentations online:

AuthorStream , Zoho Show , Google Presentation  and 280 Slides .


Online screencasting 
Online screencasting tools allow you to make a digital recording of your computer screen, often with audio narration.  These can be useful for demonstrating how to use a website, database or an online tool.  Some of these tools include: Preezo, Screentoaster and Screenr .


Digital storytelling can also be interactive, like these Culture Shock stories inspired by visits to museums and galleries.

Create a slideshow or screencast and upload it to one of these sites - perhaps the hours that your library is open with some pictures of what the library looks like, or a guide to searching your library catalogue?


Colquhouns said...

Google Presentation link not working.

pls@slnsw said...

The link is fixed now!
Mylee (PLS)

Sarah said...

I love the online screen casting tool. It's the first time I've seen it, but it has so many possibilities. I'm going to see if I can come up with something for my library over Christmas!

Judy @ Coffs Kids said...

Jumped into Authorsteam to enhance the SRC Powerpoint. Lots of opportunity here. Have now put the Powerpoint Video onto Twitter, my blog, NEZone Kids Wiki, and sent it to the wonderful Amanda Williams who created it. WOW! where to from here.

PamL said...

The UCO library catalogue online tutorial has been removed, according to YouTube

PamL said...

Slideshare is great, but I think they should allow editing of uploaded presentations, like being able to delete individual slides or correct a spelling error.

twinsplusone76 said...

I created a slideshow and uploaded to slideshare but couldn't embed on my Blog page

bloggersbeware said...

Wow what a tool! I can see so many applications here. It is going to be fantastic to introduce these tools to students. Many of their work now consists of e-mailing or sending their assignments via the net to their teachers. I can't wait to try this one at home with my own children.

I will certainly introduce this tool to students who come into the library.

Wendy said...

I like slideshare. Easy to use. Fun to watch other peoples.